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We continually demonstrate the experience and expertise necessary to exceed the expectations of the most discerning horse owner. It’s a commitment we take very seriously, and it shows.

Have a local Real Estate Broker you are working with?  We are happy to work with them to effectively market your Horse Property,  as well.  Every Farm is one-of-a-kind and our vast network throughout the Equestrian Community can help find that perfect buyer.  In the past, we've seen many of the buyers for our properties come beyond the local and regional markets of tha particular listing.  If you aren't reaching the National and International Marketplace you may be waiting a while or taking a large hit on price.  Our years of experience in the Horse Industry, along with the Rural Real Estate Industry has allowed us the tools and knowledge to reach your niche market.  From Trail Riders and Hobbyist, to Breeders and Sales, we know who your farm will appeal to and get your property in front of them!  

Once we find your buyer, we have the contacts to get your deal to the closing table.  From financing, insurance and effective business plans.  There are many aspects of the sale that differ from traditional Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions.  We have you covered from start to finish!

Whether you are a buyer or seller, hobby or commercial, we understand equine needs, and are here to maximize your investment and help find you the perfect property.  

You are the purpose of our business!

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About Us

Mark Zambito
Mark Zambito, Broker and CEO of the Equine Properties Group, has been raised in real estate with a family background in the horse industry.  Mark brings years of experience in rural real estate to the table and, with Gary, has helped shape the face of the Equine Real Estate Market.

Our Founder
Gary W. Feinman, founder of Equine Properties and current director of Feinman Research Association, has served the horse industry for over 50 years. Gary and his Team understand you are the purpose of their business. Whether you are buying or selling, we at Equine Properties are here to serve you. 

Their partnership of Equine Properties Real Estate has a clear understanding that you are the purpose of their business.